Photo of Stephen Craig Kuhlman
Photo of Stephen Craig Kuhlman

A Passion for Art—Both Fine and Applied

Stephen Kuhlman was born in 1951 in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Southwestern Ohio. He is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens with a BFA in painting. Kuhlman is known for his landscapes and figurative work in watercolor.


Steve was always interested in art and loved to draw from an early age. He and his brother would spend countless hours working on murals using taped-together scrap paper their dad would bring home from the office. These murals, the boys would call "rolls", would sometimes exceed 50 feet in length. Steve's brother gravitated to writing and music, while Steve continued to pursue art. In junior high, Steve wrote his career paper on architecture—the perfect marriage of art and design, he thought. However, upon discovery of how much math was involved in architecture, he quickly cooled to the idea.


When Steve moved on to college at Ohio in the early 70s, the University provided an eye-opening experience. These four years were a formative time, and although they didn't result in a job in the arts (Steve spent the next three years working at a consulting engineering firm), they provided big-picture thinking about what could be.


In the late 70s, Kuhlman began his career in advertising and marketing as an Art Director for a small Louisville agency. As the agency grew and expanded, he held positions in creative services and management. During his thirty years of employment—and ultimately part ownership—the agency grew from a small local firm into a highly regarded creative agency, serving regional and national clients.


Steve returned to his fine arts roots in 2009 with the opening of his studio in downtown Louisville.  His passion for painting is once again flourishing as he regularly spends five days a week working in his preferred medium of watercolor.