I have always been interested in the effects of the passage of time on worldly things. This preoccupation, along with my affection for art, architecture, and typography have guided my recent work.


While I often focus on architectural forms, these paintings are not intended to be nostalgic. As an artist, I select and compose the scenes from contemporary locations and invite viewers to formulate their own independent meanings. Through this process, I hope to facilitate the rediscovery of subjects that are commonly treated with disregard and indifference, and impart a new relevance.


The medium for this recent work is watercolor; a medium that has unpredictable qualities in a constant state of transition which seem to resonate with the passage of time.

Artwork by Stephen Craig Kuhlman


This latest series of paintings feature architectural forms with close-up views of urban facades. While realistic in the depiction of the subjects, these paintings explore elements of design and abstract spatial relationships.

Art by Stephen Craig Kuhlman


Aerial landscapes – The “New Madrid Series” shows fragmented parcels of land, rural panoramas with vertical fractures and realigned panels. The patchwork surface appearance belies the unseen fault line stretching beneath.


Topographic landscapes – The “Irregular Surface Series” exhibits a more perpendicular orientation to the landscape. This perspective allows the ambient light to illuminate the contours and define the terrain.

Artwork by Stephen Craig Kuhlman

A brief sampling of watercolors featuring a variety of subjects.